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September 6, 2023

2023 Quiet Luxury

Color Palette

In recent years, quiet luxury has experienced a surge in popularity, as the world continues its relentless pace without a pause button. People have devised their own methods for slowing down and finding solace. To evoke a zen-like and calming ambiance, consider employing minimalist layouts featuring neutral-toned muted colors. This approach also imparts the soothing sensation of a spa, which can be stress-relieving.


When selecting the bathtub, sink, and other bathroom accessories, it is advisable to veer away from traditional chrome. Opt for matte-finished hardware and ensure that the mirror frames, wall lights, and handles match it seamlessly. While white accessories possess their own beauty, excessive use of them can create a “sterile and cold” atmosphere. Therefore, it’s best to use them sparingly.

Luxurious Materials

Dramatically veined marble is a commonly chosen material to introduce a touch of theatrical opulence. When combined with the floor and bathtub, it can impart the most luxurious feel. However, marble isn’t the sole option. Incorporating warm finishes like wood and metal can provide a more subtle touch.

The Futurist Look

Not everyone favors the spa-like appearance. Some individuals prefer a more antique aesthetic. Achieve this by seeking out time-worn furniture to minimize the “newness” and create an old-money charm. Additionally, opting for furniture that stands on legs, rather than sitting directly on the ground, can enhance this effect.

The key is to strike a harmonious balance between modern trends and your individual sensibilities, creating a space that reflects your unique style while providing the relaxation and luxury you desire. Your bathroom is an opportunity to craft a haven of tranquility within the whirlwind of modern life, and these design elements can help you achieve that vision.



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2023 Quiet Luxury

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