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July 29, 2019

3 Reasons You Still Need a Real Estate Agent

Being your own realtor is a major financial and emotional undertaking. Buying or selling a home may seem achievable on your own, but here are just a few reasons why hiring a real estate agent may be a better option.

More Accessible and Convenient 

If you’re looking to find your perfect home, a real estate agent can grant you easy access to properties listed by other agents. Real estate agents will track down homes specific to your criteria, which may be tricky to find on your own. Real estate agents are able to get in touch with a sellers agent and make appointments for you to view the home. It can also be a major inconvenience to constantly take phone calls. A real estate agent can take away that stress.

If you are selling your home, you still need to take numerous phone calls. You would have to answer questions on the spot, make appointments, and solicit calls from people interested in your home. People will move on from your home if you seem too busy or unavailable. They will also move on if you do not answer them quickly enough. On top of the phone calls, you will find yourself rushing home for an appointment only for no one to show up. Talk about stress!

Tricky Negotiation

Real estate agents act as the perfect messenger to keep calm waters between the seller and buyer. Real estate agents can reiterate concerns you have about the house without stepping on the toes of the seller. A real estate agent can play the ‘bad guy’ role too. This is important because a bitter relationship between buyer and seller could ruin a good deal. Your real estate agent can keep a deal from getting too personal. 

Contracts Can Be Difficult

Real estate agents have the experience and expertise to use a contract that is in your favor and protects you whether you are buying or selling. Real estate agents use contracts and conditions regularly and are familiar with what should be used and when it should be used.

If you are looking for a real estate agent, Sooner or Later You’ll Call Jim Slater. Keep Smilin’!


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3 Reasons You Still Need a Real Estate Agent

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