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January 26, 2017

5 Critical Questions to ask your realtor before you list

Choosing the right realtor for you and your family is a big decision and it can set the tone for the rest of the home selling process. Make sure to choose a partnership that fits your needs by asking these 5 critical questions.


1. What marketing approach will you use for my home?

Not all Realtors are created equal, they may all have the same tools but it all depends on how they use them. Do you have a luxury home? Lakeshore home? Or acreage home? Each home is unique and requires a different marketing strategy to ensure it is sold as quickly as possible for the highest price.


2.  How do you plan to communicate with me?

In a world of technology there are so many different forms of communication. Email, text message, phone calls and good old snail mail. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the way your Realtor is going to communicate with you. Be sure to make known your preferences. Declaring what pieces of information you want communicated to you will allow for a strong relationship with your realtor. Also, don’t forget to discuss the frequency of contact. Will the Realtor contact you daily? Weekly?


3. What do you believe my home should be listed for? What is your reasoning?

Being on the same page regarding the listing price of your home with your realtor is extremely important. Be sure to gather as much information as possible as to why the realtor feels the number given is the best list price. Work out any differences of opinions regarding price before moving forward. You may have different feelings on how much value the bathroom in the basement is adding to your home and focusing on those issues after your home is listed will distract from the main goal: selling your home!


4. What fees will I be responsible for?

Money money money. It is very important in a transaction revolved around one of your greatest investments: your home. Make sure to learn from your realtor all of the fees that are associated with their services. This includes brokerage fees, title insurance, closing costs, taxes and more.


5. What measures do you have in place to ensure that only qualified buyers are looking at my home?

Selling your home requires work and you don’t want any more work than necessary. Making sure that potential buyers are qualified before approving them to see your home is crucial. Ask your realtor how they plan to screen requests and ensure that every moment you spent cleaning, decorating and leaving the house was all worth it!


Have you asked your realtors the right questions?

Sooner or Later, you’ll call Jim Slater!

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5 Critical Questions to ask your realtor before you list

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