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May 15, 2024

5 Outdated ’80s Interior Design Trends that are Making a Comeback

The 80’s were well known for being over-the-top with their designs, patterns, and colors. With minimalistic and clean cut styles being the trend for the last few years, we can expect to see some 80’s interior design trends making a reappearance as a welcome departure of those common styles. However with this reappearance, we can expect the designs to be modernized with a more expensive look. 

  1. The Maximalist – Statement Design.

Replace “less is more” with “the busier the better”. We are not saying hang any and everything on your walls, and keep every knick knack you find, we don’t want you thinking about grandma’s house with this trend. Today we are keeping things busy but playful and organized. Combining bold colors, clashing prints, and rich textures can create a stunning statement design to a room.  

  1. Charming Chintz & Floral

The flower is back. Anyone remember your grandma’s floral designed davenport? Well, that could come in handy in your home today if you are going for a charming chintz look. We have gone full circle from the 80’s with the floral and chintz patterns, but today, you have to be more strategic with your choices. Pick a modernized floral design and pair it with bright colors and clean cut decor for a contemporary look.

  1. Textured Details.

The 80’s had rigged and fluted details throughout the home, especially in the kitchen.  ‘Fluted surfaces catch the light, creating deep shadows and texture within a room, and are particularly effective when set against a simple white space,’ agrees Stuart Piercy, founding director, Piercy&Company. The best way to incorporate a fluted surface in today’s home is to have a fluted kitchen sink, allowing for statement yet a beautiful simplistic style. 

  1. The Return of Earthy Brown.

Decorating with brown in the 80’s was so common, that it became a common joke of the 90’s. But today, we are allowing that joke back into our lives. Brown is a welcoming neutral that captivates the consumer, easy to pair with the ever-so-popular greens of today’s design world. Brown is a flexible color, allowing it to be paired with almost anything, however the darker earthy brown enhances a beautiful pattern well. 

  1. Curvy is in. 

After becoming such a straight-line generation for interior design, we are finally beginning to see the return of curves. Adding unique furniture shapes, circular light fixtures, and curved walls or islands can really soften up a room, providing a calming allure to a space. 

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5 Outdated ’80s Interior Design Trends that are Making a Comeback

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