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July 3, 2024

6 FREE Ways to Improve a Space in Your Home

If you are looking for tricks to improve the look of your home–without spending any money–you’re at the right place. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But we are to assure you that is not. Home improvement does not always have to be large money-consuming projects, you can slowly improve a room with time, with little-to-no costs, through the use of items you may already have. Let’s spruce up your home with a few thoughtful details.

  1. Switch Your Rugs Around

A rug has a significant impact on a room, much more than most people think. Rugs have multiple roles in a home, like breaking up a room, or highlighting a particular area in the room. Try switching your rugs from room to room, or simply placing a rug in another location of the room it is currently in. You will be surprised how much the feel of a room can change. Another option, hang a rug on the wall for a new and large art piece! Or move a rug to a space you might not think it’s necessary to have, like a bathroom, which can add to a very inviting or elegant style.

  1. Rearrange Furniture – Specifically in the Bedroom

Arrange your furniture to match the rules of bedroom Feng Shui to create ‘good’ energy throughout the bedroom and improve your sleep. Of course, this all depends on the size and layout of your bedroom, but it is important to keep in mind that it is best to place your bed where you can see the entrance of the room, but not directly opposite of it, nor should your bed be placed under a window, or along a shared wall with a common gathering space. We reccomend to dig deeper into the Feng Shui design

  1. Leftover Paint? Put it to Use

If you have leftover paint, don’t just throw it away or let it go bad. Look around your home and see where you could add a splash of a new and bold color. Specifically locations tucked behind closed doors, like the interior lining of glazed door cabinets. 

  1. Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is a growing trend in today’s interior design world, and it isn’t as hard as one might imagine. Gather your family photographs and favorite wall art and get started – but not on the wall right away. Make sure to organize the art on the floor before beginning to hang anything, that way you can move it around freely to determine what style and pattern you really want. This trick is a great way to not only spruce up a room, but add your own personal touch and feel, allowing yourself to display your personality in your home. 

  1. Plants & Plant Cuttings

There is no doubt that plants have always been and continue to grow as a great natural interior design choice for every space. But we’re not spending any money on buying plants, which means we’re growing our own. Gather plant clippings from gardens from the plants that you love. Of course, growing a plant from plant clippings takes time, but there is something special about the feeling of propagating and nurturing your own plant, and once grown, you get to admire it in your space each and every day. The reward is worth the wait, and once you become good at it–you won’t want to stop! 

  1. Shelves & Art Pieces

Take some time to gather all the random art pieces around your home, and pick some shelves. Decorating shelves in a powerful color scheme with beautiful arrangements. You can create an impactful statement by displaying pieces of the same kind, and it’s a great way to add visual depth to a room. If you aren’t an art collector, turn to your family photos and souvenirs, or whatever knick knacks you have gathered from the years. Another option is to implement this idea in the kitchen, putting your bowls and planters on display.


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6 FREE Ways to Improve a Space in Your Home

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