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May 22, 2024

A Hot Summer Trend: Lake Home Decor

A style that is back on the up and up for the perfect summer look for all homes, not just for lakeshore owners. With plentiful natural light, the correct color palate, and comfort-influenced design choices, anyone can create a “lakeside retreat” within their own home.

A lake home is commonly known as a space for family to gather for a time of fun and relaxation, so this design is a great combination of both those aspects. Here we discuss some tips to create the perfect lakeside oasis.

  1. Use Natural Textures & Materials

You want to bring nature inside, creating a serene living environment, a great way to do this is to incorporate wood, textured linens, and plants. Wood floors are a great start, surrounded by neutral colors and just a few nautical touches to create the perfect ambiance. Combining these elements with a cottage style and wicker decor or furniture can really enhance the cozy feel of the space.

  1. Focus on Relaxation & Simplicity 

As you walk into the space, you should feel and see the opportunities for relaxation. These spaces can include areas for gathering with your friends and family, like a game table or cozy living room, or a reading nook for your personal relaxation. The views and amounts of windows can also make a large impact on relaxation, the more views to nature, the better, strategically designed to fit the space of course. 

Keep things simple throughout the home, you want to avoid the kitsch vibe. You don’t want seashells, anchors, oars, and lake signs all over your home. Incorporating pottery, plants, picture frames, and natural wood decor is the best way to go, but don’t clutter, as clutter does not compliment relaxation well. Another great decor trend for this type of style is to include family history, along with history on the location of your home. Decorating with family heirloom items can help with the rustic accompaniment to the style, and if you don’t have many of those, incorporating a few vintage pieces can do the job. 

  1. Keep it Earthy

When talking about a color palate, keep it Earthy. Brown, blue, green, wood and other neutral colors should be your focus. White or cream walls with shiplap accents are common, and of course don’t forget to accent with plants as well. 

  1. Plan for Guests 

As lakeshore experts, we know that lakeside homes are known for their many areas for entertaining, both interior and exterior. If you are going for a lakeside style, you want to always keep your guests in mind. This includes guest bedrooms, extra seating in the living room and dining room, and extra spaces to gather, like a screened in porch. Every room of the home should create a welcoming guest experience through it’s decor and design. 


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A Hot Summer Trend: Lake Home Decor

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