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April 24, 2020

How Slater Realty Group is Selling Homes During These Challenging Times

  1. Red Carpet Treatment

We are treating everyone like royalty! When clients are looking for guidance from a Real Estate Agent, they are putting in a huge amount of trust for their agent to deliver. As your Real Estate Wealth Advisor, it is my responsibility now more than ever to understand each client’s wants and needs, then to use my skillset to achieve results!

  1. Emphasize on Innovative Marketing

These strategies could include media, door-knocking, social media campaigns, networking, video campaigns, virtual open house activities or other creative marketing tactics. We want the entire world to know about your listing! Also, we ask the seller if there are any “hidden gems” or what their favorite amenities are that have shaped their family home experience.

  1. Connections are Everything

It’s all about who you know! One of the greatest and most classic marketing methods is through word of mouth. Being a well-connected realtor, I lean on my network while my network leans on me. If you were going to have Brain Surgery would you let a Heart Surgeon do it? I think not! When choosing a real estate agent, choose wisely.

  1. Ensure Your Property is in Model-Perfect Condition

Treat your home showing like you’re putting on a fashion show! This is your one-time opportunity to knock buyers’ socks off! Remember that models don’t just walk down the runway! They rehearse their walk, the lighting, and the sound for days, weeks and months until it is absolutely perfect. Your home showing should be the same! Don’t wait until your home’s not selling to make changes. It’s all about being proactive and positioning your home to beat out the competition.

  1. High-Quality Professional Photography and Videography are a MUST

How else can we showcase the amazing and unique qualities of your home? SRG works with the top photographers and videographers in the business to showcase your property. This production crew is the highest level of quality and all content produced is in “B-Roll Film”, which can be used in any media source or movie. Jim Slater brings his music and production background to his real estate profession. He is hands on during shoots and produces all photography and videography.

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How Slater Realty Group is Selling Homes During These Challenging Times

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