Sooner or Later, You'll Call Jim Slater

August 12, 2019

Lakeshore Expertise

Experience Matters

If you’re going to have brain surgery, would you let a heart surgeon do it? I think not, you would want a professional who is an expert in that area. Lakeshore property requires expertise as well, it requires a different skill set than other types of real estate.

Look for a Business Partner, Not a Sales Person

A business partner has integrity and is a personable, licensed, truthful professional. Your real estate agent should do the same. A quality agent stays up on current listings, is familiar with the local market, and is more concerned with your happiness than getting paid. A real estate agent should always communicate well and often. 

Specialized Knowledge

A lakeshore expert should have specialized knowledge of waterfront properties. A lakeshore expert has endless waterfront information. They should know geographic information about the lake, water quality, and invasive species information, year-round boating and recreation laws, fish species, and fishing regulations. They should also have extensive knowledge of property issues such as property lines, setbacks, watershed districts, construction limitations, riparian rights, flood plan information, and invasive animal infestations. 


A lakeshore expert should know everything about the community. A quality expert will know the best lake clubs, restaurants, and community events. They will know lake associations and usage fees and the high usage areas and accessibility issues. The best lakeshore agents have extensive knowledge of all that is surrounding the water and what is on the water.

Your Agent

Choose your real estate agent wisely. This is a big deal, it alters your entire market experience. A quality agent is not a paycheck realtor and truly cares for your happiness. They should also have a big network. There should be a value in partnering with them. They should see value in partnering with other experts who can assist with real estate transactions. Your agent should always go above and beyond expectations. The client is the number one priority. 

If your agent is lacking any of these qualities or skills, you know who to call.

Sooner or Later You’ll Call Jim Slater.

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Lakeshore Expertise

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