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August 14, 2019

Living the Lakeshore Dream

For many, our lives are simply out of balance. In today’s society, 80% of people are unhappy with their work-life balance. How do we fix this? The lakeshore dream.

High earning individuals work hard countless hours a week. 62% work more than 50 hours a week, 35% work more than 60 hours each week, 10% work more than 80 hours a week, and 63% work Saturdays and Sundays. Extreme jobs are working an excess 100 hours a week. A survey of individuals working 70+ hours a week found that 42% take far fewer vacation days than what they’re entitled to and 55% cancel planned vacations because of work. Talk about stress! 

Speaking of stress, 77% of people are battling physical stress on a regular basis, 73% of people are battling psychological stress on a regular basis, 33% of Americans cope with extreme stress, and children said their stress is caused by their parents’ stress being passed on to them. Stress lowers the body’s ability to resist infection, disrupts sleep, prevents normal digestion, results in poor decisions, and increases irritability and depression. But 75% of people living on waterfront properties feel the greatest benefit is its contribution to a less stressful life.

How crazy! Stress can be alleviated by the beautiful lakeshore. Stunning views and glassy waters, a perfect stress reliever.

Lake life creates a healthier lifestyle. Natural sunlight has many positive benefits. It positively affects mood and mental health. Vitamin D levels increase through exposure to sun and have been shown to decrease heart disease, osteoporosis, and many types of cancer. Our homes should always take advantage of natural light. 

The lakeshore lifestyle is highly desirable. There are 5.5 million waterfront homes in the US, 50% of people report feeling more connected with family while living on the lake. The lake offers beautiful sunsets, endless boating fun, and activities, relaxation with family and friends, and you can even fish or swim in your own backyard! Homes with lakeshore views are highly beneficial to health, including higher levels of comfort and better quality of sleep. What we see with our eyes account for 80% of the total sensory information our brain receives. Enjoy beautiful lake views, it’s good for your health and desire.

Location is the most important factor when investing in real estate. Property location will have a significance on lifestyle fulfillment because it determines, value, accessibility, and usability. The Lakeshore lifestyle is the perfect location for those wanting better health, less stress, fun, and relaxation. 

Sooner or Later You’ll Call Jim Slater to live your lakeshore dream.

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Living the Lakeshore Dream

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