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February 7, 2024

Let’s Declutter. Here are 5 Tips to Tidy Up Your Home

Sick of the clutter? You are not alone, most homeowners feel this pain. The minimalist lifestyle becomes more attractive each and every day, and we are here to guide you in the right direction.

Clutter can cause stress and frustration that only adds unnecessary chaos to the already chaotic lives we all live. Make this your time to take control of your messy closets and countertops and keep up with the organization from this point forward. A few new habits can allow you to achieve a new level of neatness, and here are some tips to get you started.

Get Items Off The Floor—For Good

It’s simple, no more items on the floor. No shoes, backpacks, sports equipment, toys or dog toys that you’re going to be tripping over. Make hooks your new best friend in the entryway, all you need is a little wall space. Bins and baskets to be tucked away in an entry cabinet or closet, or a shoe rack big enough to fit all shoes (avoiding overflow!)

Designate Spots for Clean and Dirty Items

This tip comes into play in the kitchen, bathroom, and closets. Designate a spot for dirty and clean towels and clothes, but don’t mix them all together. Here is where bins and labels come into play. Bottom line, you shouldn’t just have one dirty hamper for everything.

We are going to make hampers/bins/laundry baskets your new best friend as well, and the more the merrier (for what your space allows). Having a hamper with at least three dividers can make a large difference. Each section will allow the separation of dirty kitchen and bathroom towels, your dry-clean and delicate clothes, and your more casual or sweaty workout clothes. You can make it your own, however you prefer to wash your clothes or how extreme you would like to get with separating everything, but having those three bins can make a big difference.

Only Touch Items Once

To simplify, sort your mail immediately, don’t just throw it on the counter. Hang your coat, keys, and purse where you will find it when you’re ready to leave again. When you get home, take the extra moment to put your items in the place where they are supposed to go. It will save you time and stress in the long run.

Create a Toy Rotation System

This one’s for parents (obviously). Kids’ toys can be a difficult one to keep up with, and many parents find themselves with more toys than the kids can play with. Our recommendation is having half the toys hidden and to develop a rotation schedule. Keep the half in a storage bin somewhere, and then rotate them every so often to keep the kids entertained.

Also, you should have a place for the every-day toys to go as well. It is easier for your kiddos to help pick up if they have an easy accessible bin to put their toys in after playing.

Reset Your Home Each Night

This habit might be the hardest to implement for many. As tempting as your bed and pillow are at the end of the day, a great way to keep the house tidy is doing a walk through at the end of the night and putting all items back in their designated place. Folding blankets, arranging pillows, putting cups and mugs in the dishwasher, and a quick wipe down of kitchen counters will allow you to wake up to a fresh and tidy home every morning.



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Let’s Declutter. Here are 5 Tips to Tidy Up Your Home

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