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December 3, 2018

Stage Your Home Like A Fashion Show!

As many across the world watched on TV last night, Victoria’s Secret Fashion show did it again. Although it actually took place on November 8th, it was broadcasted last night on TV. With $12 million going into this famous show, that is 12 times more than the typical fashion show! This fashion show isn’t anything ordinary- just like your home should be.

If you want your home to sell, you need to prep it and stage it just like the VS Fashion Show is. The models don’t just get up on stage and wing it, they train months beforehand and put lots of thought into the outfits and production. You need to do this with your home. Instead of throwing it right onto the market, you need to fix anything that buyers might list as a negative and position it to be shown in its best light. Do you think the models just walk on stage or do they spend hours in makeup and days in rehearsal? They take it seriously and get rewarded greatly.

The show doesn’t use all the same outfits. They add in one very special outfit as well. The “Fantasy Bra” is worn by one special angel and is valued at $1 million. By adding this in, it adds a special component that stands out from everything else. This can be done when staging your home as well. If you add something extra to your home that others don’t have, then yours will stand out and be more appealing to specific buyers. What if your home has a newly renovated kitchen but another home doesn’t? Obviously, your home will be more appealing to buyers because of this added feature.

The show also adds special touches to each outfit. Besides the focal point being the lingerie, wings are also added for a finishing touch. In any room, you don’t want to stage it with only the necessities- a couch and TV for example. Decorating with something like a painting would compliment the color scheme of the room and add a focal point. The point is, the room can’t be boring. This doesn’t mean cluttering the space, but adding decorations to spice it up makes buyers able to imagine actually living there.

The show showcases multiple performances by some of the current and most famous artists. If your home has the latest updates, it will be valued at a higher price. Just like you wouldn’t want a performance from an artist that peaked 10 years ago, you wouldn’t want a home trend that was popular 10 years ago either.

Think of listing your home as a fashion show! Be prepared and double check you have all the necessary components for the final performance. Think fashion show. You’re trying to impress someone. Think glam! This is the real thing. The final performance, so don’t back down!

To list your home by the end of this year, Sooner or Later, You’ll Call Jim Slater.



Image from Victoria’s Secret

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Stage Your Home Like A Fashion Show!

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