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July 5, 2018

Testimonial – From Raving Fan to SRG Team Member!

At Slater Realty Group, our clients are always our number one priority and we are constantly working to provide them with the best experience possible. We value the input of our clients and appreciate the feedback from their experiences. Abby Peterson, a client and team member of Slater Realty Group, was kind enough to write a testimonial on her experience working with Jim Slater during the exciting search for her and her husband’s first home. Feel free to take a look below to read all about Abby’s point of view during this rewarding process and her experience with Jim.

Personal Story: My experience house hunting with one of Minnesota’s most beloved real estate agents

By: Abby Peterson

When I suggested the idea of doing a personal blog about my own experience as a client of Jim Slater’s I had fully expected the answer to be no. Not because Jim doesn’t value the ideas of his team, but, because like many of us, it can feel uncomfortable when people pay a compliment. I can relate to that because I would feel uncomfortable too. Sometimes we have to remember it is okay to accept a compliment. Now, I should rewind and introduce myself, I am Abby Peterson and my husband and I are clients of Jim Slater (Slater Realty Group). This past August 31st we closed on our first home and shortly after I started to work for Slater Realty Group (SRG) as a member of the already amazing team who works beside him. I am able to work from home and it is a very flexible and accommodating schedule.

My husband and I met Jim about 4 years ago through my parents who were in the process of looking for a lake home. They picked Jim to be their real estate agent after interviewing him and another agent. My husband and I were newly engaged at the time we started our own house hunting process with Jim. At first, we were not really sure we could afford a home or if we could, should we spend our money on buying a home? Should we continue to rent? At this point we had decided to start looking, it didn’t hurt to look, right? We had no idea that the decision to house hunt would lead us to rent two apartments, getting married, and having a baby boy all before we found the perfect fit! Jim continued to help us find a home through all of that. He spent hours, days, weeks, months, over 2 ½ or maybe it was 3 years, honestly, it took so long I cannot even remember. How many people can say their real estate agent spent 3 years helping them find their first home.

When you first meet Jim, the word patient is probably not the first one that comes to mind because Jim is a talker, he is always on the move, he never sits still, and his mind is a constant flood of ideas. Getting through the initial meeting, it became clear that Jim has incredible patience and understanding with his clients. He showed patience through every house we dragged him to and the hundreds of “this isn’t it” faces I gave him during our search. We put offers on a few houses and had our offers accepted on two of them that we did not end up buying. Not once did Jim try to convince us to buy either of the homes that our heart just was not in and our gut was telling us no. Jim is not motivated by making a buck; he is motivated by doing the right thing for his clients.

His incredible knowledge, persistence, and caring attitude make him an incredible real estate agent. Jim has your back and stands up for what is best for his clients. He keeps the focus on what they want while ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Jim has become a part of our family. Jim’s compassion, dedication, and genuine care for his clients, friends and family is what makes him stand out. It is why I would recommend him to any one of my friends or family and it is why I decided to work for his incredible team! His team deserves a huge amount of credit for the behind the scenes work that running a successful real estate business takes. My family feels incredibly blessed to have worked with Jim and the SRG team. We know we have a lifelong real estate agent and a lifelong friend.  


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Testimonial – From Raving Fan to SRG Team Member!

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