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July 6, 2018

The Top 4 Home Trends of 2018

1. Maximalism

Minimalism is out, and maximalism is in! This ‘80s trend is back and bolder than ever as more and more homeowners begin to fall for the intentionally over-decorated look. While minimalism deals with more constraint, maximalism gives homeowners the freedom to express themselves and add more to their spaces over time. This eccentric design concept follows a “more is more” approach. Maximalism is busy, but it does not equal chaos. It involves a very strategic balance of colors, textures, patterns, and fabrics. The key to a successful maximalistic room is to make sure that everything in the room has an intention. For example, decorating with bold-on-bold accents that are specifically put in place to complement each other, such as vibrant, high-contrast wallpapers and rugs.

2. Wood Washes

Cerusing is the method in which a white pigment is used to fill in and reveal the grain lines of wood, typically heavily grained oak. This technique has become increasingly popular with home designers due to the beautiful and unique texture that is created during the process. Cerused wood will add a natural and organic feel to your home without looking outdated. Another popular wood wash that is on the rise is shiplap. Traditionally used on the outside of homes, designers are now using shiplap inside of homes due to it’s easy installation and budget friendliness. Shiplap can be stained with a medium-brown finish to create a warm and cozy rustic vibe, or painted a glossy white for a bright and airy cottage feel.

3. Wallpaper

The modern wallpaper trend is still going strong, and with all of the vinyl, strippable, and peelable options available, it has become easier than ever for homeowners to add a temporary splash of color or pattern to any room that they desire. In 2018, designers have begun to stray away from the typical white and gray patterns and go for bolder, eye-catching prints. Instead of spending excessive amounts of money to accessorize your walls with various art prints, opt for an ultra-chic wallpaper instead!

4. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are the ideal way to add saturation to your home. Rich sapphire, ruby, and emerald shades add the perfect, luxurious touch, and look especially great in contrast with rich, dark wood finishes. Hues that resemble their luxurious counterparts create a sense of sophistication. Incorporating jewel tones can be as bold as painting an entire room, or as simple as adding a few vivid accent pieces into a neutral room.



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The Top 4 Home Trends of 2018

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