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January 10, 2024

Things To Consider If Your Home Didn’t Sell

Did you recently take your home off the market after watching it sit there for what may have seemed like forever? Watching your home not sell is beyond frustrating and can leave an uneasy feeling. It fills you with doubt and questions about what may be wrong with their home. Well we are here to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with your home but rather your strategy to sell it. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you gave your home the best possible opportunity to sell.

Did You (OR Your Realtor) Limit Access to Your Home?

If you had limited any sort of time to see your home, whether that be limiting times to see it during the day, or turning down an open house opportunity, you are cutting out time for opportunity. It is important to let as many buyers tour the home as possible. Sometimes the most eager buyers are relocating from far away and are traveling to see your home, which limits their ability to rearrange their schedule to come see it another time. The more tours, the more opportunity. Don’t be the reason any opportunity is missed. But maybe you weren’t the culprit for limited access. Was your realtor suggesting you limit times? Were they hosting enough Open Houses? If this is the case, it’s time to find a new realtor. 

Did You (OR Your Realtor) Make Your Home Stand Out?

Just like any business opportunity, first impressions are HUGE when it comes to selling your home. Many times, sellers get so caught up with staging the interior of the home, they forget the importance of the exterior. Curb appeal is a must when selling a home, it is the first thing your buyer sees and it will set their attitude towards the rest of their tour. Not only that, but people driving by will be much more intrigued to step foot into your home.

Now that we have buyers coming in, the interior needs to match (or one up) the curb appeal. Simple steps like removing personal items and decluttering allows your buyers to better picture themselves living in the home. If you’re looking for the quickest way to freshen up the interior of your home, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a deep floor clean, or carpet replacement, can go a long way. 

Again, ask yourself, what is your realtor doing to make your house stand out? Before the majority of buyers see your home, they are viewing your home online. The first showing for a buyer is online, do not forget that. Having stunning photos, virtual staging, videography, and a matterport of your home will be sure to bring more buyers into your home. Along with that, does your realtor tell the story of your home online? Do they highlight everything that deserves to be highlighted? The online presence of your home should have you smiling ear to ear and flood you with confidence the first time you see it. 

Did You (OR Your Realtor) Price Your Home at Market Value?

Everyone knows that pricing your home is a big decision when listing, and pricing varies based on the market we are in. Currently in the market we are dealing with seller’s greed, which has become a common approach due to the previous surge in buyer demand, causing seller’s to come up with unrealistic values of their homes that the market no longer supports. To sell your home this year, you will need to be realistic with pricing, as uncertainty continues to linger for both buyers and sellers. If a home is overpriced many buyers don’t give it a chance, which means they won’t have the opportunity to enter, and possibly fall in love with your home. 

It is important to rely on a trusted real estate agent like Jim Slater to guide you through the process, inform you on the market, and set the best price for your home. Jim will offer you expert advice and strategy when relisting your home.

Bottom Line

It’s okay to feel disappointed if your home did not sell. Connect with Jim for a discussion about what went wrong, and what changes need to be made to get your home back on the market and sold as soon as possible.


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Things To Consider If Your Home Didn’t Sell

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